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Cupping - What To Expect

Cupping - What You Can Expect

Biomagnetic Cupping -  A brief definition
Cupping is defined as negative pressure, or suction.  I like to describe it as deep tissue massage in reverse.
Stress, overuse, and injury can cause tiny mirco-tears in muscle fibers.  When this happens, as a natural defense mechanism, acetylcholine and calcium rush in to protect the area.  A cast, if you will, forms around the injured muscle trapping old, used blood and interstitial fluid.  As more layers of the neurotransmitter are released to the site, more toxins become trapped and fresh oxygenated blood and nutrients can't get in.  Over time fascial adhesions, or "knots", form that can be painful to the touch and may restrict movement.

Cupping, which has been used all over the world for thousands of years, uses suction to pull the skin up into a cup.  The lifting effect of negative pressure loosens connective tissue and allows the fascia to be stretched which helps break up adhesions between the skin and underlying muscle tissue resulting in more freedom of movement of fresh nutrients.

Red marks, which resemble bruising, may result after a cupping session and can remain anywhere between 3 to 10 days.  These marks indicate that stagnation has been moved from deeper tissue layers to the surface where this non-circulating old blood, lymph, and interstitial fluid can be more easily eliminated from the body.  When the stagnation is moved, fresh oxygenated blood rushes in to replace it.

The cups I use contain a magnet and the skin touches the magnet when pulled up into the cup.  As magnets are alkaline, they counteract acidity and increase circulation to the area within the magnetic field due to the iron in our blood which positively influences normal cellular vibration.  Biomagnetic cupping stimulates circulation and removal of toxins in the body.

What to Expect

Today's the day!  Begin the day by taking in deep breaths, inhale for 4 second count, hold for 7 seconds, then exhale for 8 second count.  Technique developed by Dr Weil,  Be happy and internalize positivity, then you are calm and ready to fully receive the healthful benefits of cupping.

At this point in time you have already scheduled your appointment by convenient online scheduling on this website, or by contacting me through either email or a phone call.  Although only a suggestion, please take the calming exercises seriously.

Depending on the area to be cupped, the practitioner may have you sit in a chair or lie down on the massage table.  Generally cupping is incorporated with the massage but procedures are variable. 

Arrive around 10 to 15 minutes early to allow time for filling out paperwork, using the restroom, removing clothes, and getting on the table.
New clients will have a health history/consent form to fill out.  After you have completed the paperwork you will be escorted to the massage room, then she will leave the room while you disrobe and lie down on the massage table.  Please note that Maestro Massage is not on ground level and there is a flight of stairs to reach the massage center.

In the massage room the lights are dim and soothing music is playing softly.  Undress to your comfort level.  Only the body part being worked on will be exposed; modesty is respected and private parts will always be covered.  But, of course, what you wear or don't wear is purely your decision.  There is a vintage valet chair to place your clothing.  You will start off lying down on your stomach under the sheet and blanket, face in the soft face rest, and place your arms at your sides on the table if this is comfortable for you.  After a few minutes the therapist will ask if you are ready and enter the room after hearing an affirmative reply. 

She will begin by applying massage oil on the area to be cupped and will ask you to pinpoint areas in the most need and will continue to inquire on your comfort level as the suction of the cups can be intense.  The cups will be left on between 15 to no more than 30 minutes. Your session will be conducted in the full time frame requested. 

When the time is up and the cupping is over, the therapist will let you know, then she will leave the room while you get dressed.  Take your time getting off of the table if you feel light headed  Most likely your heart rate has been slowed somewhat.  Meet her in the lobby as this is when you pay for the massage service, and although not expected, gratuity is greatly appreciated.  Check your schedule, make another appointment, and tell people what a positive experience you had. : )

Check out the Administrative Protocol page for important information you need to know regarding your cupping or massage: personal hygiene, sleeping, passing gas, as well as cancelation policy, late arrival, referral program and discount.








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